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Excellent Partners Program

Excellent Partners Program is a global alliance between Bluespace, the leading Self-Storage company in Spain, and the best Self-Storage operators. Through the aforementioned partnership, the companies make the commitment that both their facilities and the services offered to the client are always of the highest quality.

Currently over 12,000 customers are using our service, and over 40,000 have been at least once to one of the centres in the “Excellent Partners Program” group, benefitting from:

Personalized advice.

Access to the facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The most advanced security systems.

Exclusive benefits.

Innovative products.

Business solutions.

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We work with more than 46 centres associated with our Excellent Partner Programme in 25 Spanish cities.

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If you have a Self Storage centre, we offer you the chance to collaborate with us in the cities where we do not operate.

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